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Great Wall | Super concentrated wiper with wiper | Glass water | Wiper water | 2 bottles

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: GREAT WALL / Great Wall
  • Model: Super concentrated wiper
  • Whether the concentration: concentration
  • Net content: other
  • Glass water type: De-worm type

Will be directly into the water tank and the proportion of pure water can be added

Do not eat, if splashed into the eyes immediately rinse with water
Store in a cool dry place away from children
Use at temperatures above 0 ° C

Great Wall super concentrated wipers fine (two months)

Net content: 60ml * 2 pack (two months)
Shelf life: two years

1: 100 ultra-concentrated formula
Can effectively remove all kinds of cars on the windscreen stains, grease
Maintain a clear vision to protect driving safety
Applicable to automotive glass