Hill re-906D Fuel prefilter J213-05A-061000

Hill re-906D Fuel prefilter J213-05A-061000

Product description:

JCM906D Hill redevelopment machine the whole car filter

Oil filter J160-03A-051000

Diesel filter J160-03A-050400

Fuel prefilter J213-05A-061000

Hydraulic oil filter Y160-78A-040000

Air filter J160-07A-011010/011020

Jining Machinery Co. dense tough - Professional wholesale sales Komatsu pure original accessories, various models complete the whole car accessories.
Komatsu Model: PC50MR-2 PC55MR-2 PC60-7 PC120-6 PC130-7 PC160LC-7PC200-6 / 7/8 PC220-7 / 8 PC240LC-8 PC270-7 PC300-7 PC360-7 PC400-7 PC450- 7 genuine parts: 1) Chassis parts: supporting wheels guide wheel roller shoe plate sprocket chain tensioning cylinder hydraulic works: Power is transmitted to the shaft of the pump is converted into hydraulic energy, and then press the load size output hydraulic oil hydraulic pump output pressure can be varied in accordance with changes in oil swash plate.

2) structural parts: Bucket ripper arm size plus size long arm arm / bucket cylinder 3) electrical parts: the main pump controller PC board harness monitor air conditioning panel 4) Cab Accessories: The cab shell seat trim plate glass floor pad Station 5) hydraulic parts: hydraulic travel motor main valve 6) the rotation mechanism: rotary motor gear box slewing ring rotational center joint quality assurance, price advantage, welcome friends call (shop) advice.!

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