Hill heavy digging machine 936D Fuel prefilter J233-05A-030010

Hill heavy digging machine 936D Fuel prefilter J233-05A-030010

Product description:

JCM936D Hill redevelopment machine the whole car filter

Oil filter J233-03A-070040

Diesel filter J233-03A-070040

Fuel prefilter J233-05A-030010

Hydraulic oil filter J233-78A-021000

Pilot filter J213-84A-021000

Air filter J233-07A-040010/040020

Shantui bulldozer Shantui bulldozer vehicle with four supply area, track shoe, track assembly, chains, track links, track link together parts, guide wheel, supporting wheels, tugs, guide wheel, driving wheel.


1: Equipment Control System: Working valve installation, hydraulic oil tank, fuel tank bracket, working pump, blade control valve, control valve three-tooth ripper, single-tooth ripper control valve, blade lift cylinders, hydraulic piping, blade joystick, steering rod blade, angle blade joystick, steering angle blade linkage, three teeth ripper joystick, three teeth ripper manipulation link, single-tooth ripper lever, single-tooth ripper manipulation link, knife angle, blade and other accessories.

2: engine-related parts: the engine suspension, front bracket, air filter and hood, exhaust pipe and muffler, flywheel cover assembly, output devices, output devices lubricating oil pipe, transfer case, radiator, radiator pipes and retaining hood, fan, air points belts, fuel tank, fuel lines, throttle control, accelerator pedal, throttle control linkage, generators and other accessories.

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