Hill heavy digging machine 936D diesel filter J233-03A-070040

Hill heavy digging machine 936D diesel filter J233-03A-070040

Product description:

JCM936D Hill redevelopment machine the whole car filter

Oil filter J233-03A-070040

Diesel filter J233-03A-070040

Fuel prefilter J233-05A-030010

Hydraulic oil filter J233-78A-021000

Pilot filter J213-84A-021000

Air filter J233-07A-040010/040020

Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. sells dense tough mountain reconstruction machine range of accessories

, In addition to sales of Komatsu, Shantui bulldozers, excavators and other range of accessories

1: torque converter, transmission, steering system and final drive, universal joints, torque converter, transmission housings, transmission gears and shafts, shifting the output device, the shift valve cover and joystick gearbox, rear axle box and the main frame, bevel gear and the horizontal, steering clutch, brake band and linkage, brake cover, brake booster, final gearbox and gears, sprockets and shafts, and other accessories.

2: walking device: table frame, tensioning device, sets the frame cover, guide wheel, supporting wheels, supporting wheels shield, tugs, track, tooth block, track pin, supporting wheels guard rail, bolts, crawler pins and other accessories.

3: chassis control system: the shift lever, shift control linkage, steering lever, brake pedal, the brake lock lever, the steering valve, the main regulator, fine filter, coarse filter, steering lines, variable speed pumps, cooling circuit, the shift line, brake lines, centralized lubrication piping, pressure piping, steering pump and other accessories.

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