Hill heavy digging machine 913D pilot filter J213-84A-021000

Hill heavy digging machine 913D pilot filter J213-84A-021000

Product description:

JCM913D Hill redevelopment machine the whole car filter

Oil filter J213-03A-010100

Diesel filter J213-03A-010400

Fuel prefilter J213-05A-061000

Hydraulic oil filter J213-78A-050000

Pilot filter J213-84A-021000

Air filter J213-07A-510010/510020

Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. tough secret is a professional bulldozer parts, excavator parts, chassis parts, hydraulic parts and other engineering machinery spare parts sales and maintenance of integrated companies.
The main products are:
1, bulldozers chassis parts (drive teeth, supporting wheels, guide wheels, drag sprocket, track link, chain plate bolts, screws tooth block); excavator Four Wheels (wheels, guide wheels, wheel bearing, on Track wheels, chain, chain plate screws;
2, Komatsu PC series chassis parts, wearing parts.
3, Hill redevelopment machine whole car accessories.

4, bucket teeth, tooth Block, the tooth side, the boom, the arm;
5, the main control valve, pilot handle, foot valve, bulldozing handle;
6, the boom cylinder, arm cylinder and bucket cylinder.
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