Right SD16 bulldozer blade angle 16Y-81-00003

Right SD16 bulldozer blade angle 16Y-81-00003

Product description:

Main: Hill redevelopment machine excavator parts Shantui accessories, Komatsu bulldozers digging machine parts gearbox parts and components are mainly located in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius in Jining area, the company set of scientific research, manufacturing, distribution in one, the company. business : construction machinery, bulldozer parts, excavator parts, intake manifold, filter, filter, filter excavators, engineering machinery filter, filter, four Wheels, track link, bucket bulldozer supporting wheels, chassis parts , carrier rollers, housing and other supporting wheels ;

We expect a strong cooperation with the rest of construction machinery parts dealers and customers, and common development, create brilliant. Will be the lowest price, high standards of quality Plus welcome guests, and mutual benefit.

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