SD42 single tooth branch angle head 31Y-89-07000-1

SD42 single tooth branch angle head 31Y-89-07000-1

Product description:

1, Komatsu series of imported and domestic original equipment Shantui, declared workers and other manufacturers of bulldozers, excavators Dazhong repair business, technical advice and on-site troubleshooting.

2, specializing in Komatsu PC200 / 220/300 / 400-6-7-8, whole car spare parts sales Carter 320C excavator, domestic TY / SD series of various models of bulldozers .

3. Main: bulldozers and excavators four area : guide wheel, supporting wheels, roller, drive gear, track shoes, track shoes wetlands, track assembly, track link, track link assembly, tensioning device, knife angle blade, bolts, Shantui special oil, small pine oil, radiator, radiator, walking motor, steering clutch, turbocharger, torque converter, bucket, bucket teeth, hydraulic tank, filter .

The company supplies various types of bulldozers accessories, adequate inventory, timely delivery, price concessions, quality assurance.

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