Shantui SD52 branch angle 185-89-06000

Shantui SD52 branch angle 185-89-06000

Product description:

The company's main products:
Bulldozers are as follows:
1 : Shantui SD32, SD22, SD16, SD13 bulldozer fine filter assembly, coarse filter assembly; TY32, TY22, TY16, TY13 supporting wheels, roller, guide wheel, knife blade angle, all kinds of covers, final transmission parts, accessories ripper, putter and shovel top
Excavator series as follows :
1 :. .. .. Komatsu PC60 PC130 PC200 / 220 OC300 PC360 PC400 excavator series of pins, bushings, cylinder rod, supporting wheels, guide wheels, tension device, bucket and accessories, hose and hard pipes and other accessories .
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