Shantui SD22 tridentate branch angle 154-78-14348

Shantui SD22 tridentate branch angle 154-78-14348

Product description:

Ren Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in secret : Shantui bulldozer series

Shantui SD08, SD13, SD16, SD22, SD23 SD32

1 structure; various models of excavator bucket, size arm, plus the long arm, connecting rod, pin

Supporting wheels, guide wheel, asked sprocket, driven teeth, track shoe, track annex; 2 chassis parts

3 hydraulic parts; the main pump, dispensing valve, swing motor, travel motor assembly and accessories

4 wearing parts; belts, blades, engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and maintenance parts

5 electrical devices; computer boards, starter, generator, coils, meters, relays

6 four matching engine; the size of the tile, nozzle, delivery valve, repair package, the plunger

7 Komatsu full range of pure, OEM, deputy plant parts

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