Cable Seals GSLX300

Cable Seals GSLX300

Product description:

Cable Security Seal (Other key words: Security Seals, Metal Seal, One-time Lock Seals)


Containers, Trucks, Electric / Water Meters, Tanker Valves, Vehicle Doors, Wheel Chairs, Distribution Boxes, Telecom, etc.

Structure Features:

1. One piece high security seal with galvanized or stainless steel cable.

2. Standard overall cable length: 250mm, diameter: 1.8mm, can be supplied in other desired cable length

3. Maximum protection against pilferage, tampering, adulteration, theft.

4. No tool required for installation, simply push cable through body to lock.

5. Once locked, any attempt to separate cable from seal body only serves to strengthen the connection, requires cable cutter to remove.

6. Unique lock that is virtually impossible to open by manual.

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