Plastic Seal SFY300

Plastic Seal SFY300

Product description:

Plastic Seal (Other key words: Pull Tight Security Seals, Metal / Lead Seal, One-time Lock Seals)

Appl ication:

Containers, Trucks, Electric / Water Meters, Tanker Valves, Vehicle Doors, Wheel Chairs, Distribution Boxes, Telecommunication, Postal services, Courier Services and Bags, etc.

Structure Features:

1. One piece plastic pull through strap seal.

2. Standard overall length: 200 or 300 mm, can be supplied in other desired length.

3. Maximum protection against pilferage, tampering, adulteration, theft.

4. No tool required for installation, simply push / pull the plastic tail through the hole in body to lock.

5. The lock body can be used as a label carrier.

6. Pull tight locking mechanism.

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