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"New" Dell Dell Mini Tower | T20 Server E3-1225 replace T110

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Product parameters:

  • Cache capacity: 512KB
  • Memory type: DDR3
  • The blade structure:/other
  • Brand: Dell/Dell
  • Model: E3-1225 V3/4G/1TB/no CDROM/3 years
  • Interface type: SATA2
  • Maximum number of supported CPU: one
  • Standard memory: 4GB
  • Hard drive capacity: 500GB
  • After-sales service: the whole country
  • Server type: Tower

Dell T20 mini E3-1225 V3/4G/1TB/no CDROM/3 years

Basic information Specifications
Name Tower servers CPU type Intel Xeon E3-1225 V3 (3.2GHZ)
Brand DELL/Dell Standard CPU number 1 (maximum 1)
Model T20 Mini Motherboard chipset C226
Product structure Tower Memory slot 4 DIMM slots
Quality assurance 3-year limited warranty, next business day on-site The maximum memory capacity 32G
Packaging Have Standard memory 4G*1 (DDR3)
Expansion slot 4 PCIe slots, 1 x16 (x16, third generation); 1 X4 (X4, second generation); 1 X1 (X1, second generation); 1 PCI slot Standard hard disk capacity 1T*1 SATA 7.2K 3.5'
Maximum hard disk capacity Maximum support 4 3.5'SATA hard disk
Number of power Comes standard with a power 290W RAID controller Intel rapid storage controller 12. X
Standard Rails No RAID mode Support RAID0/1
Other No keyboard and mouse, with no operating system Standard optical drive No
Drive controller Intel rapid storage controller 12. X

PowerEdge T20 server in the quiet mini tower chassis with large internal storage capacity and a strong performance, can provide efficient, worry-free operation. By T20, can be integrated on one server desktop and workstation data and applications, thereby promoting collaboration and improve efficiency.


From the Office to the home and the classroom, T20 can help you improve access to information, streamline processes and help you to accomplish more in a shorter time. Central T20, you can order organizes complex data and applications on the server:

  • Avoiding ' manual pass ' File sharing and misplaced and lost data, images and video. Users can share files from a central storage and collaboration to eliminate user exists as a result of multiple copies of a file and version problems.
  • Consolidates storage from multiple locations in multiple media and media types Data, image and video. By the storage capacity of the server, you can centrally store user data and make a lot of DVD, USB drives and external hard drives.

Enjoy advantages

You may need to improve efficiency and productivity at home or in the Office.

  • Save time moving or copying files between different locations. Comparing external storage, cloud storage, or e-mail, the server's data transmission speed is faster.
  • Shorten the transaction response time.

Quiet and small, affordable

T20 compact, low noise, easy integration into your environment and help reduce costs.

  • Home and Office levels of sound design : Small form factor suitable for table use and low noise, can be installed in almost any position.
  • Reduce the cost of storage and software : By loading the data into the T20 and share applications to users, to avoid buying another external storage device, the cloud storage space and the cost of copies of the software, thus reducing expenditure.

Meet the further development

Built-in scalability, the further development of business. PowerEdge T20 can be achieved:

  • Integration of data and media files Six internal hard drive bays to support greater storage capacity.
  • Fast-driven applications and media You can select multi-core Intel ® Xeon ® or Pentium ® processor.
  • Support for large memory capacity, has four DIMM slots To experience faster application response time and clarity of video performance.
  • Enhanced flexibility with four PCI/PCIe slot, You can expand at your own pace.
  • Enhance performance, with up to 12 USB (four USB 3.0) port And can connect to more devices, and drive fast video and graphics.

Security and ease of management

With or without help from IT staff, T20 can software RAID and optional backup and restore solution easy to protect your data and files.

  • Data protection: Using a software redundant array of independent disks (RAID), built-in support for file copy to prevent data loss. Error correcting code (ECC) memory you can add an extra layer of data protection.
  • Backup and restore: With a complete collaboration suite (Microsoft Windows Small Business Server) added automatic backup and restore features.
  • Easy management: In one location rather than on more than one PC to update software applications that simplify tasks and save time.