oil& waterprooffabric

oil& waterprooffabric

Product description:

product name: Oil &Waterproof Fabric

Oil &Waterproof Fabric100% cotton, with the advanced treatment of water and oil repellent, this fabric is featured with non-porous when the surface being contacted with oil or water, under the standard of GB12799, ISO 14419, AATCC118, AATC22, AATCC130.


`on-stick oil and non-porous

`air and moisture permeable properties

`To overcome the contradiction of moisture permeability and oil and water repellent

`Teflon hang tag are provided

`Weight: 195gsm, 235gsm, etc.

`Treatment: water& oil repellent

`Standards: EN 13034


suit for the workers touch frequently oil and water. It could be adhered with oil but between moisture permeable and water& oil repellent, so it have the good air and moisture permeability while comfortable to wear.