UPS uninterruptible power supply MT1000 / 600W computer UPS regulator single computer backup power failure delay 40 minutes

UPS uninterruptible power supply MT1000 / 600W computer UPS regulator single computer backup power failure delay 40 minutes

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: STSPOWER

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Product Description:

It is specially designed for the computer, network equipment, communication equipment, monitoring equipment and checkout equipment. The input voltage range of the product is very wide. It has automatic voltage stabilizing function. It can easily solve the problems of power interruption, voltage sag, overvoltage, Can be used with generators, suitable for areas with poor power environment, personal and commercial power protection is the first choice.

STSPOWER backup uninterruptible power supply is designed and manufactured using international technology, with high efficiency, beautiful appearance, performance, advanced and reliable, etc. Microcomputer digital control of uninterrupted 220 V AC power supply system is designed for computer systems and precision electronic equipment users Design of high-quality electronic products.

Warranty: Host for three years, built-in battery for one year

Off delay function

In addition to ensuring a stable AC output can also be a sudden power failure in the AC power supply or instantaneous voltage is too high too low, immediately put into power generation, continue to load the power supply.

Mains input purge function

For short-term high-voltage spikes and high-frequency noise signals on the power line are effectively clamped and purified to a minimum, so that the computer system of stored data and software programs are not affected to ensure that computer systems and precision electronic equipment normal operation.

Wide voltage regulator function

Mains input high and low voltage automatic protection, wide voltage range (140V-290V), two-stage regulator, so you avoid the voltage is too high or too low damage to the device.

Calls automatically start

The battery power is too low protection shutdown, the call can automatically boot, unattended. Perfect battery over discharge protection, intelligent sound and light Alarm function, automatic frequency adjustment, short-circuit automatic protection, output overload automatic protection.

Convenient overload reset button

Convenient overload reset button, overload or short circuit when you press the reset button to quickly return to normal condition, no need to replace the insurance or factory maintenance.

When the mains power is normal, it will output a stable 220V AC. When the power failure or abnormality occurs, it will be powered by the battery in a very short time (4-8ms). The inverter will continue to supply 220V Load, power supply time 10-40 minutes, such as during the battery-powered, mains recovery, the inverter will immediately stop the power generation, automatic back to the mains power supply to the load, while the battery charger to charge the battery until the rated voltage until.