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Battery refurbished machines

Battery refurbished machines
  • Battery refurbished machines
  • Battery refurbished machines
  • Battery refurbished machines
  • Battery refurbished machines
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We understand the battery factory turnover battery, saying that white is refurbished Battery auto battery replacement battery factory returned after the renovation and later sent to the dealer, it would be the so-called turnover battery refurbishment process as follows:

(A): open the shell of the machine comes with quick pick system, the selection of the discharge data have a new battery under load about half the capacity of the old battery with a refurbishment (open shell) machine for automatic battery destructive open shell.

(B): under a load of each single cell detection, the selection of a qualified single-cell use.

(C): cased, the selection of a qualified single-cell re-installed in new housing inside, glue sealed.

(Iv): plus battery capacity Compatibilizer (battery factory latest formula, ABCDE by a certain percentage plus 10 kg of distilled water, battery refurbished key key), use of the machine itself comes charging into the mechanism.

(V): The machine comes equipped with a set of instruments and discharge group, or within a voltage difference of 0.03V battery discharge time difference within three minutes with a group.

(Vi): lay labels, packing sale.

Within two years old batteries, almost half can be refurbished restructuring, technology is where the old battery selection, therefore, the machine adds a quick pick system, you can verify its use old batteries with the shortest possible time is. Battery Lossless open the shell plate is very important, this machine open the shell fast, non-destructive plate, can give 101 214 172 024 (square), 303540AH electric vehicle batteries open the shell, the operation mode of pneumatic, electric control, built-in silent air compressor, automatic the state, one-button automatic operation end, very convenient, clean and smooth movement, intelligent discharge system more advanced, the discharge current 3A-10A arbitrary choice from 2-16 volts battery voltage automatic identification, the terminal voltage can be arbitrarily set, the discharge end automatic alarm, stop, voltage, current, capacity automatically recorded in a computer chip to provide accurate basis for the battery with the group charging system is extremely energy-saving, whole machine is divided into silence compressor discharge with the group system, into the system, open containment system so a total of four parts, using independent contactor circuit design, noninterference, fully improve the safety performance. Handling the battery open the shell of debris after the elimination, plus a high-pressure machine on the left hair mouth. randomly assigned with 1012141720303540AH pole plate welding mold, can assemble the respective models of electric vehicle batteries.

, Clear, accurate, clear is characteristic of this level, the whole entire digital display instruments, safe and reliable.