Supply guide conveyor belts | conveyor belt manufacturers supply baffle

Supply guide conveyor belts | conveyor belt manufacturers supply baffle

Product description:

Custom processing It is Belt type Flat Belts
Brand Xingdong Zhen model complete
Material PVC Whether standard parts Standard Parts
Whether imported It is Sample or spot Spot
Section circumference (mm) Any Suitable Conveyors, packaging machinery, food machinery
Teeth Any

Dongguan Zhen Hing Tung main products:. Pvc conveyor belt, pu conveyor, pe conveyor, pp conveyor belt, pattern conveyor belt, anti-static Teflon mesh belt conveyor belt light conveyor belt, Teflon high temperature cloth, special Teflon tape, Teflon transmission belt, cotton canvas belt, high temperature resistant canvas belt, biscuit machine canvas belt, canvas belt, white belt and other high-temperature silicone series active zone, and scarlet active zone, there are orange-red nails active zone, pu round belt, matte green round belt, glossy red round belt, based band, nylon-based band, leather-based band, the dragon, spindle tapes and other belts. matte belt, grain belt, bag roll band , barbed leather, South Korea imported bolim matte tape series, the German import bobotex matte tape series, with imported Italian textape matte, matte tape imported from Japan and some other kureha imports of textile printing and dyeing industry, packaging and manufacturing industry package roll band. conveyor transport belts, conveyor lines, conveyor food machinery, textile machinery conveyor, conveyor fire board equipment, the tobacco industry conveyor belt, wire and cable traction belt, printing machinery conveyor belt, ceramics equipment conveyor belt, marble conveyor belt conveyor wool processing equipment logistics equipment conveyor, conveyor beer and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry conveyor belt, high temperature conveyor belt, cut-resistant conveyor belt, acid and alkali conveyor belt, automotive and steel industry conveyor belt, turning belt and other industry-specific belt. Spike Stainless steel buckles, needle steel buckle, steel buckle butterfly, sailing steel buckle, carbon steel buckle, Tiger steel buckle, belt buckles and other imported steel buckle. pressing machines, high frequency machine, hierarchical machine, a tooth machine, steel buckle machine, button sewing machine and a series of belt fitting equipment. Also one thousand beginning Industries based on market demand, customer requirements, customer suggestions, we can belt further processed, for example, perforated conveyor belt, belt conveyor guide strip belts, conveyor baffle, skirts conveyor belt, wide belt, belt plus red plastic, belt plus silica, etc. Our products are widely used, convenient, quality, customer demand is the best choice for the majority of the unit.

  • Triangle belt
  • pu belt
  • Rubber belts
  • Industrial belts
  • Polyurethane belt
  • Flat belts
  • Automotive belts
  • o-belts
  • Belt drive belt
  • Canvas belt

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