Supply of composite belt factory outlets | wholesale

Supply of composite belt factory outlets | wholesale

Product description:

Custom processing It is Belt type Flat belt
Brand Xingdong Zhen model complete
Material nylon Whether standard parts Standard Parts
Whether imported It is Sample or spot Spot
Section circumference (mm) Any Suitable Sanding machine, sterilization machines, conveyors, annealing furnace, dishwasher, bonding machine, dryer, inkjet printer, packaging machinery, food machinery, mining equipment
Teeth Any

Overview: Zhendong Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. specializes in producing PVC, PU, ​​PE conveyor belt, tread belt, diamond tread belt, Teflon mesh belt, canvas belt, belt sander, anti-static rubber, sheet baseband processing tailgate skirt to undertake on-site joint bars etc. Contact Mr. Yang:.. 13809260844, QQ: 773750200

Baseband chip
I produced a nylon-based band made of high strength, low elongation, flex resistance good strong skeleton material layer, a strong drive capability, high tensile strength, may be the beginning of a larger tension; gum use high-quality imported chloroprene rubber, rubber surface friction coefficient, glue good elasticity, wear resistance, high strength, belts interfaces seamlessly, smooth surface, not hierarchical, not curling; lateral stability is not wandering life long, it is the most widely used one of the best high-speed flat belt drive.

  • Triangle belt
  • pu belt
  • Rubber belts
  • Industrial belts
  • Polyurethane belt
  • Flat belts
  • Automotive belts
  • o-belts
  • Belt drive belt
  • Canvas belt

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