Supply gluer belt

Supply gluer belt

Product description:

Custom processing It is Belt type Flat Belts
Brand Xingdong Zhen model complete
Material PVC Whether standard parts Standard Parts
Whether imported It is Sample or spot Spot
Section circumference (mm) Any Suitable Sanding machine, sterilization machine, dishwasher, bonding machine, dryer, inkjet printer, packaging machinery
Teeth Any

Folder-gluer belts nose. Gluing machine and headband, paste box machine head are integrally molded using abrasive, thickness 8mm, surface underside of busy color black, wear-resistant surface with rubber, soft Shore hardness 45- 50 degrees, this band running smoothly, good feeding effect, long service life, in our set of goods, warranty for two years. perforated belt, belt presses. plus red plastic sponge with a special belt punch presses, printing belt plus red plastic sponge with a special belt presses plus red plastic surface, grooving, drilling presses special belt: suitable for Heidelberg, Roland Komori, High Castle, Mitsubishi, the North such as printing presses, grinding belt compatible machine, connected machine A, feeding the belt: Common thickness 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, commonly width of 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, etc., length of 30 m, 50 m and 100 m each Volume can also be customized with different specifications according to customer requirements B, feeding skin glue: Common specifications is 15 ml / bottle .C, the main motor belt: common specifications 12PL462212PL47009PJ490 and 25PJ580 etc. .D, belt: common specifications T10-840 -16, S5M-390-20 et E, with speed: Common specifications 28X90028X950 and 2926V series .F, imports of the printing machine belt: common specifications X34 20mm wide aperture, 14mm wide X35 hole, 38mm wide X30 hole width. H, dusting machine belt: Common specifications 460X12mm and two 490X12mm like, folding machine belt: Common thickness 0.8mm, common specifications 20mm and 50mm, with the use of tooth interface has no direction, manage the whole joints, etc., etc. , has been the text large user acceptance Third, nylon-based flat belts: Common thickness 1mm-6mm, suitable for copper roll paper, sheet-fed offset press feeding section and folding machine, riding linkage binding machines and other equipment and a variety of each flat drive four kinds of models, PVC light conveyor belt: Suitable for perfect binding paperback books and other production lines, commonly used thickness 2mm, also suitable for laminating machine, laminating machine, folder gluer equipment until a thickness of 1mm. . -6mm V. perforated suction belt: nylon-based flat belt surface perforated thickness of 1mm-6mm suitable for offset printing, laminating machine, polishing machine suction paper drive, such as laminating six models. , automatic, semi-automatic folder gluer full set of imported belt: A, head feed belts, thickness 8mm, one piece, no joints B, fold belt, a thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 6mm C, tail PVC conveyor belt. and a thickness of 1mm-6mm D, belt, commonly used models 556 teeth, 4448mmX35mm, plus wear-resistant rubber surface, these apply to seven gluer belts type, imported Teflon high Wimbledon: suitable for infrared, ultraviolet UV light curing machine eight, imported PU round belt: suitable for transmission equipment, 3mm-18mm diameter nine, Cutter belt:. 1.4mm thick, 60mm wide, bottom-Canada toothed guide bar length according to the needs of production.

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