Manufacturers of PVC apron conveyors | heat resistant conveyor belt baffle | slip resistant

Manufacturers of PVC apron conveyors | heat resistant conveyor belt baffle | slip resistant

Product description:

Custom processing It is Belt type Flat Belts
Brand Xingdong Zhen model complete
Material PVC Whether standard parts Standard Parts
Whether imported It is Sample or spot Spot
Section circumference (mm) Any Suitable Sanding machines, conveyors, dishwasher, bonding machines, dryers, packaging machinery, food machinery
Teeth Any

Called transport conveyor belt, belt conveyor for carrying and plays the role of transporting materials rubber and fiber, metal composite products, composite or plastic and fabric products. Belt conveyor in the agricultural, industrial and mining and transportation are widely used to transport a variety of solid block and powder-like materials or items, the conveyor belt can be continuous, high-efficiency, large angle transportation, conveyor operational safety, the conveyor belt is easy to use, easy maintenance, low shipping costs, and can shorten the transport distance, lower construction costs, saving manpower and resources.

Use zoning:

Anti-oil conveyor belt. Skid conveyor belt, climbing belt, anti-acid transport heat conveyor belt, cold conveyor belt, anti-burning conveyor belt, conveyor belt corrosion, moisture-proof conveyor belt, anti-low temperature conveyor belt, high temperature conveyor belt , oil conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold conveyor belt, low temperature resistant conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt, acid and alkali conveyor belt, fire-retardant conveyor belt.


PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, PE conveyor belts, plastic chain plate conveyor belt, mesh conveyor module, polypropylene conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt, stainless steel conveyor belt.

As a professional provider of industrial belt, over the years the company mainly engaged in textile, clothing, printing and dyeing, knitting and other industries with long, rough surface with imports, doffing machine conveyor belt. Apparel industry adhesive tape, fabric pre-shrinking machine belt, On DUKEPU sleeve belt, high temperature ironing mat material and dyeing industry Teflon network with high temperature drying room, into the knitting industry with a high temperature blanket pre-shrinking machine belt, pine-dryer belt, round belt, with a rough surface etc. professional technology, professional services, so that in the above exchange special praise in the industry, and has a broad customer base.
To further meet customer requirements of customers, the company also agent of Germany, USA, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and other countries brand conveyor belt, sponge belt, chain nets, steel buckles, inverter, motor, gear box and other products. We has a wealth of practical experience in professional and technical personnel, always ensure that your business equipment smooth and efficient operation. is a professional technology and complete support of the belt suppliers.
We sincerely hope to cooperate in good faith with the majority of customers of various industries, and common development. Welcome to conveyor belts and other related equipment and belt accessories with us to discuss, feel free to call us and let us together work together, to provide the best for your business s solution.
The company has a well-equipped factory, equipped with advanced processing equipment in various industrial belt (high temperature heat sealing joints machine, high temperature plastic bonding machine, etc.), and with large inventories, can be processed at any time according to the size provided by the customer. We have professional and technical personnel to provide you with good service (on-site maintenance, repair), we have a fast, efficient, high quality, comprehensive services to meet customers, welcome your further inquiry.
• Textile belt dryer drying room • KD, TMT steaming pot series, pre-shrinking machine mesh belt
• vertical heat-sealing machine with Teflon tape • Packaging industry with a sealer and high-speed sealing machine with Teflon tape
• Pressing the garment industry lining machine conveyor • conveyor with special food processing (such as cotton, PVC, PU, ​​Teflon)
• Antistatic conveyor • Thermal laminating machine with Teflon tape (Teflon) and silicone coating seamless belt
• Wood processing industry complement installed • cylinder machine conveyor belt and other textile special belt
• Screen printing UV drying belt • Detergent (chemical) industry with belt
• Tobacco processing line conveyor • corrugated box industry with a belt
• Electronic assembly line conveyor belt

  • Triangle belt
  • pu belt
  • Rubber belts
  • Industrial belts
  • Polyurethane belt
  • Flat belts
  • Automotive belts
  • o-belts
  • Belt drive belt
  • Canvas belt

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