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  • Brand: K-Mic / gold Mike
  • Model: dsd5

With safety lock

First, the height can be adjusted, the range is 95CM to 175CM. Fully meet the needs of the projector.

Second, the top of the tray, you can rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally, and can be fixed by adjusting the screw in any position with a security lock

Third, the support by the three-legged support. Triangular angle adjustable separately to achieve the best support effect.

Fourth, three-legged stent can retract, when not easy to incorporate.

Fifth, the display is not easy to touch down, you can fix a variety of projectors

6, surface spray treatment, rust and corrosion resistance, light and strong

Seven, bracket design is compatible with the current popular sections of the DIY projector or domestic or imported brand machine

Triangle bracket: Adjust the height of 0.95 m -1.75 m between the arbitrary regulation