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There are rows of sharks SY9601pp treated water

There are rows of sharks SY9601pp treated water
  • There are rows of sharks SY9601pp treated water
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The election of PP treated water is very important !!

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R & D pp / opp plastic coating process, you encounter these problems:

Alternatively pp treated water a lot, really solve the problem of too little! Do it once again finished first experiment, the effect is not always ideal! A lot of customer complaints, the boss scolded, sales force!

We are questioning your recipe and ability, in fact, you probably just because no election of pp treated water only.

Pp handle the same water, in the form of the same. But you may not know the risks behind.

You should try shark shares after numerous use, improved products, because good practice pp treated water only after persuasive confidence.

Currently, the vast majority of treated water on the market pp, its manufacturer pp treated water only in R & D and production work product quality inspection, it is completely derived from laboratory data.? - Real production can apply uncertainty higher risk naturally high.

Sharks shares (stock code: 100115) pp aqueous emulsion and other chemical raw materials, water treatment are in self-development, production, and widely used in water-based Wood, water-based plastic paint, glass water-based paint, water-based metallic paint production, the production of water-based paint, especially water-based transparent primer for three consecutive years ranked the forefront of the market. And waterborne paint shark stake in the anti-stick back, film hardness, flatness, feel aspects have been such a good boy, and many other colorful life large loyal customer's identity only has a wealth of experience in the finished product using an aqueous emulsion pp treated water in order to help businesses continue to provide high-quality water-based paint products, increase market share and accelerate growth of enterprises to upgrade the road.

Sharks share, the industry's first listed enterprises, adhesives, coatings and chemical raw materials research and development, production and sales of integrated chemical products business, deep industry for 18 years.

SY9601 PP treated water

feature :

For PP, OPP and other plastic products (except PE) good adhesion

Operation is extremely convenient, do not fight outside chlorinated PP

PP-dilutable paint to enhance the adhesion of the base material

After benzene and ketone solvent dilution


It can be directly used for PP, OPP and other plastics (except PE) coating, or paint to enhance the finish dilution PP adhesion to the substrate.

Technical data:

Appearance (visual)

Translucent liquid

Relative density (25 ° C)


Viscosity (mm / s, 25 ° C)


Flash point

20 degrees

Solids (140 degrees Celsius * 2hr)


Tg point (theoretical value)

60 degrees Celsius

Number of colors



Sprayed directly in PP, OPP substrate surface was diluted with benzene and ketones.

Baking conditions:

60 ℃ * 30min

Film properties:

Substrate PP, tinplate

Adhesion: 100/100 underlying interlayer

Hardness: HB

Flexibility: 1mm

Impact: 50Kg / cm



Storage and transportation:

Inflammable materials, should be stored in a cool place, to prevent direct sunlight, in strict accordance with dangerous goods transportation. Before the product is not used up, each making

After containers should be tightly sealed, the use of this product is valid for six months.

I have a line of shark stock code 100115, sales manager, Lee

8915 do primer, 8913 do finish

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