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There are rows of sharks SY9501 fluorocarbon surfactant

There are rows of sharks SY9501 fluorocarbon surfactant
  • There are rows of sharks SY9501 fluorocarbon surfactant
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Choosing the right surfactant is very important !!!

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In the research and development of high-grade water-based paint in the process, you encounter these problems:

Many alternative fluorocarbon surfactants can really solve the problem of too little! Do it once again finished first experiment, the effect is not always ideal! A lot of customer complaints, the boss scolded, sales force!

We are questioning your recipe and ability, in fact, you may not just because the election of the fluorocarbon surfactant only.

Same as the fluorocarbon surfactants, form the same. But you may not know the risks behind.

You should try shark shares after numerous use, improved products, because good fluorocarbon surfactant only have to convince emboldened after practice.

Currently, the vast majority of commercially available fluorocarbon surfactants, its manufacturer engaged in the development and production work only fluorocarbon surfactant product quality inspection, is entirely from the laboratory data - Real production can apply? High uncertainty, the risks naturally high.

Sharks shares (stock code: 100115 ) Aqueous emulsion of fluorocarbon surfactants and other chemical raw materials are in self-development, production, and widely used in water-based Wood, water-based plastic paint, glass water-based paint, water-based metallic paint production, the production of water-based paint, especially transparent water-based primer consecutive 3 In ranking the forefront of the market. And waterborne paint shark stake in the anti-stick back, film hardness, flatness, feel aspects have been such a good boy, colorful life and many other large loyal customer's identity only in the finished product is rich use of the experience of an aqueous emulsion of fluorocarbon surfactants, can help companies continue to provide high-quality water-based paint products, increase market share and accelerate the upgrade and expansion of the road business.

Sharks share, the industry's first listed enterprises, adhesives, coatings and chemical raw materials research and development, production and sales of integrated chemical products business, deep industry 18 Long years.

SY9501 Fluorocarbon surfactant

Features and Benefits:

Especially for water-based coatings and water-based ink

With fast leveling function, but it can quickly foaming, foam stabilization

Super inks and coatings to reduce surface tension

Very good wetting and pigment dispersion

Improved lack of color ink on glossy paper when printing or writing, broken, difficult color, poor adhesion, scale phenomenon

PH Changes in the value of no effect


For high-end water-based paints, inks, and can be used detergents, latex, emulsifiers, foaming agents, antistatic agents, chromium fog inhibitors, paper and oil treatment agent.

Technical data:

Appearance (visual)

Light yellow transparent liquid

Decomposition temperature (degrees Celsius)


Melting point (C)


PH value


Surface Tension 0.1%

22 ± 1

mN / m0.01%

37 ± 1

Active content ( % )



It was dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, water


Typically added during manufacturing stage.

Recommended dosage:

This product's dosage recommendations 0.04-0.3% (Based on total formulation volume), it recommended that the test prior to use to determine the best usage and dosage.


1KG / 5KG / 25KG

Storage and transportation:

This product is a hazardous material, transport, savings away from heat and fire sources, avoid the sun and rain. Before the product is not used up, the container should be tightly sealed after each use, this product is valid for 6 Months.

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