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There are rows of sharks SY9402 superwetter

There are rows of sharks SY9402 superwetter
  • There are rows of sharks SY9402 superwetter
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In water-based industrial coatings research and development process, if you encounter these problems:

Many optional super wetting agents can really solve the problem of too little! Do it once again finished first experiment, the effect is not always ideal! A lot of customer complaints, the boss scolded, sales force!

We are questioning your recipe and ability, in fact, you may be just because of the super wetting agents did not choose it.

With super wetting agents, in the form of the same. But you may not know the risks behind.

You should try shark shares after numerous use, improved products, because good super wetting agents only have to convince emboldened after practice.

Currently, the vast majority of commercially available super wetting agent, its manufacturer engaged in the development and production work only super wetting agent product quality inspection, is entirely from the laboratory data - Real production can apply? High uncertainty, the risks naturally high.

Sharks shares (stock code: 100115 ) Aqueous emulsion of super wetting agents and other chemical raw materials are in self-development, production, and widely used in water-based Wood, water-based plastic paint, glass water-based paint, water-based metallic paint production, the production of water-based paint, especially an aqueous transparent primer consecutive 3 In ranking the forefront of the market. And waterborne paint shark stake in the anti-stick back, film hardness, flatness, feel aspects have been such a good boy, colorful life and many other large loyal customer's identity only in the finished product is rich use of the experience of an aqueous emulsion of super wetting agent, in order to help businesses continue to provide high-quality water-based paint products, increase market share and accelerate growth of enterprises to upgrade the road.

Sharks share, the industry's first listed enterprises, adhesives, coatings and chemical raw materials research and development, production and sales of integrated chemical products business, deep industry 18 Long years.

SY9402 Superwetter


SY9402 Wetting agents is based on Gemini technology, low foaming, non-ionic, water-based systems in high-performance applications, ideal wetting agent. SY9402 Reduce the degree of static and dynamic surface tension for other surface-active agents can not achieve its outstanding features, the general fu Class and silicon-based additives can not be done at the same time, compared to many fu Classes and silicon-based surfactants, use of acetylene glycols SY9402 Surfactants can waive or reduce, such as increased foam problem surfactant or water sensitivity recoating and other general non-alkyne diols often incurred.


SY9402 Wetting agents can effectively reduce dynamic and static surface tension, thereby promoting substrate wetting of water-based systems, compared to traditional surfactants, showing greatly improved its ability to reduce the surface tension. SY9402 Wetting agents can quickly move to the interface, can provide excellent coverage and lower surface contamination on the surface at the same time. SY9402 Wetting agents is based on the chemical acetylene glycol, which less bubbles, does not affect the water sensitivity. Because of the dynamic surface tension limit conventional surfactants, some systems use fu Classes and silicon-based surfactants. But now, because of its integrated performance benefit. SY9402 Wetting agents become a suitable choice. However, with respect to fu Class and silicon-based, he will not bring too much foam, will not affect the adhesion between the coating and recoating of.

Technical Specifications:

Solid content Non-volatile matter content


HLB value


Appearance Exterior

Transparent pale yellow

Specific gravity proportion. 25 Celsius


Viscosity (25 Celsius ) Viscosity CPS


Equilibrium Surface Tension Static surface tension dynes / cm


Dynamic Surface Tension Dynamic surface tension dynes / cm


The above data as typical values ​​and not specifically.


Water-based industrial coatings, water-based Wood, water-based plastic paint, water-based gravure inks, OPV.

Metallic paint

0.2 percent to one percent (by weight) of the SY9402 added amount, will be able in the mishandling of metal surfaces, providing excellent moisturizing, leveling and low foaming characteristics. For example, with a 0.4% SY9402 Run wetting, will be able to oiled metal surface spraying (low dynamic surface tension is essential)


SY9402 Wetting agent for water-based Wood Coatings, provide wetting and spreading wood penetration thus complete, leveling and help drain away and hiding in bubbles and microbubbles. For example, the application of 0.5 percent to one percent (wt. ratio) SY9402 Wood wetting agent with an aqueous spray super wetting agent, contrast fu Classes and silicon-based surfactants, can provide better leveling and gloss. Similarly, with bubbles fu Class and silicones, use SY9402 Wetting agent DIY Wood aqueous super wetting agent, can greatly improve the problem of water seepage and white bubbles.

This shows its excellent water resistance.

Printing Inks

SY9402 Wetting agents can be used for flexographic and gravure class should brush up on water-based ink used in the printing of plastic films, fibers and many other film substrates provide outstanding substrate wetting With SY9402 Substrate wetting agent brings improved wetting, low water sensitivity, low foaming, add the ink formulator can exempt solvent reduction, while further optimizing the performance of water-based ink.


SY9402 Additive addition amount of the overall weight of the formulation is generally 0.1~1% The additives may be added during the grinding, preparation or final stage.

Recommended to use alcohol ether cosolvent added to pre-dispersed in the formulation system, to get the best wetting should be pre-production

Comprehensive tests to ensure the desired performance.

Packaging and storage:

in 4 ℃ ( 39.2 ° F ) and 50 ℃ ( 122 ° F ) Save between. SY9402 Shelf-life of the date of production 60 Months. SY9402

Mounted on 25 kg PE container /200 Kg (net) within an inner coating steel drums.

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