(Komatsu) bulldozers accessories D155 scavenge pumps

(Komatsu) bulldozers accessories D155 scavenge pumps

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Jining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is dense and tough engineering machinery production and sales as one enterprise, the company is located in beautiful scenery, with ceremonies of Confucius and Mencius - Jining.
Company uphold the fine tradition of ceremonies, to customers for God, for the enterprise and development of attitude, loyal service to customers operating range: supporting the production of excavators, bulldozers and other construction machinery parts of its main products for excavators link rocker, track guards, pin, bucket, next frame, supporting wheels, tensioner devices and other products. Rapid development of dense tough Jining Machinery Co., Ltd., has been on the company benefited from the strong support of customers, partners, thanks to the integration and learn from the advanced experience inside and outside of the industry, but also benefit from our efforts to build advanced corporate culture characteristics, relying on advanced corporate culture to promote the rapid development of enterprise production. Companies adhering to a good job, bigger, stronger principles for mainframe manufacturers to produce more high-quality ancillary products, and welcome people with lofty ideals, to create a better tomorrow for the dense tough machinery!
The company products are exported around the world, focused quality, integrity, sincere cooperation and common development 'is dense tough mechanical consistent pursuit, wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign customers and enterprises to cooperate with us and create maximum benefits for you The company produces a wide range of products for industry peers to provide a lot of products and look forward to the cooperation inside and outside the equipment manufacturer. associated with construction machinery parts we can produce, welcome to participate in cooperative enterprise customers.

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