( Komatsu ) Accessories D155 bulldozer working pump

( Komatsu ) Accessories D155 bulldozer working pump

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Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in close tough Jining City, Shandong Province, located in Block A, No. 47 Jinyu Road home town, has a unique geographical advantage. Business is sales of construction machinery and accessories .

In recent years, China and the global construction machinery industry fast Meng development, market demand for engineering machinery parts and maintenance services has thus continued to increase. With the annual output continue to refresh, the company operating performance is also continuously record company in the development process in the integration of self-improvement, hard truth-seeking, solidarity, honesty and trustworthiness of the traditional Chinese virtues and spirit, and constantly improve the corporate management system, now has a strong engineering and technical strength and rich management level and strong an experienced marketing services team.

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