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Men's Korean version of the winter tide warm winter hat | cute outdoor ski cartoon thicker northeast hat

Men's Korean version of the winter tide warm winter hat | cute outdoor ski cartoon thicker northeast hat
Product code: 25893400030
Unit price 5.12-6.24$
Sold quantity 56503
Available stock 62404

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: Yes
  • Suitable for: Middle-aged parents and young couples
  • Style: Lei Feng hat
  • Size: Adult () Childhood Adult (Head 54-61cm)
  • Top style: flat top
  • Hat style: no eaves
  • Eaves shape: curling
  • Main material: corduroy
  • Population: General
  • Brand: European butterfly butterfly
  • Style: sweet and lovely
  • Style details: hip hop
  • Color classification: Circle teeth light wine red circle teeth treasure blue zipper Lei Feng cap black sponge baby red (corduroy zipper Lei Feng cap Tibetan sheep baby baby blue big mouth black zipper Lei Feng hat red big black black zipper Lei Feng cap leather shark black 3D embroidery "on the beach Legend "male endorsement sponge baby card its one-eyed crown treasure blue sponge baby black one-eyed crown card its one-eyed crown red red mask gray shark big mouth blue flocking rope full hair cashmere button full hair monochrome crown black mask black circle teeth black
  • Item: 2-8
  • Applicable season: winter
  • Applicable age: 15-19 years old 20-24 years old 25-29 years old 30-34 years old 35-39 years old 40-59 years old

Statement: because the hat is a manual suture, embroidery and hats and other parts can not be completely symmetrical Oh, even the sophisticated instruments can not be expensive, individual pro do not harsh requirements of our tens of dollars hat and you imagine The same perfect Oh (you can take a closer look at our real shot on it), can not accept the careful shooting Ha! But the warmth and the effect of true Not more than twenty more than others , Even Virgo are conquered N more, what can not, A penny goods, sell good heart goods! The total sales breakthrough thirty thousand pen! We say that is really good!

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