( Shantui ) Accessories SD16 bulldozer oil drain valve

( Shantui ) Accessories SD16 bulldozer oil drain valve

Product description:

Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. Supply Komatsu dense tough PC60 PC130 PC200 PC210 PC220 PC240PC270 PC300 PC360 PC400 PC450 PC650 excavator series; TY130140160220320 Shantui bulldozer Komatsu bulldozer series D50 D55 D60 D85 D155 D355 D275 D375 bulldozer parts : supporting four area, dig bucket, bucket teeth and other wear parts supporting wheels, roller, guide wheel, drive gear, chain, track shoe, track shoes wetlands, track assembly, track link, tensioner assembly; . knife blade angle; bucket, bucket teeth; bolt nut; side edge; seals; O -ring; gearbox, fuel pump; gear pump; torque converter; liner; prong; the oil valve; single tooth ripper three teeth; spring; retaining ring; bucket shaft; trunnion; Shantui special oil; Komatsu special oil to welcome you to inquire.

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