( Shantui ) SD16 bulldozer hard pipe fittings

( Shantui ) SD16 bulldozer hard pipe fittings

Product description:

Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in close tough Jinyu Road, Jining City, Shandong Province, is a professional excavator, bulldozer parts distribution, wholesalers Further features parts storage center, a vast inventory of parts, in time for the user and all sales company to provide fast service .
The company mainly engaged in:
Komatsu PC60, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC270, PC300, PC360, PC400 excavator series;
Shantui TY320B, SD23, SD22, SD16, SD13, SD13B, SD08 bulldozer series;

Komatsu bulldozer D60, D65, D80, D85, D155
The company has been adhering to quality service, better business philosophy. Since its inception, relying on and Komatsu. Hill redevelopment machine, Hill pushed the plant to work closely and quickly occupied the market at an extremely competitive price, timely and accurate for the new provide customers needed parts .

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