(Komatsu) bulldozers accessories D85 entire vehicle O-ring

(Komatsu) bulldozers accessories D85 entire vehicle O-ring

Product description:

Spot wholesale Shantui (SD08 SD13 SD16 SD22 SD23 SD32 SD42) Komatsu (D375-5 / 3, D355A-5/3/1, D275, D155A-5/3/1, D85, D65) along four bulldozer guide round , supporting wheels, drag sprocket, driven teeth block, caterpillar, tooth block screws, chain plate screws. Welcome to the new and old customers to inquire Order!
Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. tough secret is a professional bulldozer parts, excavator parts, chassis parts, hydraulic parts and other engineering machinery spare parts sales and maintenance of integrated companies.
The main products are:
1, bulldozers chassis parts (drive teeth, supporting wheels, guide wheels, drag sprocket, track link, chain plate bolts, screws tooth block); excavator Four Wheels (wheels, guide wheels, wheel bearing, on Track wheels, chain, chain plate screws;
2, Komatsu PC series chassis parts, wearing parts.
3, Hill redevelopment machine whole car accessories.

4, bucket teeth, tooth Block, the tooth side, the boom, the arm;
5, the main control valve, pilot handle, foot valve, bulldozing handle;
6, the boom cylinder, arm cylinder and bucket cylinder.

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