(Shantui) Accessories SD32 bulldozer bearing

(Shantui) Accessories SD32 bulldozer bearing

Product description:

Jining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a tough secret Shantui, Komatsu, Hill redevelopment machine supporting collaboration plant, production and distribution: Shantui, Komatsu, Hill redevelopment machine whole car accessories.

The main products: Shantui bulldozer SD32-5, TY320B, TY320, SD23, SD22, SD22S, SD22R, SD22C, SD16C, SD22D, SD22E, SD16, SD16L, SD16R, SD16E, SD13, SD13B, SD08; Komatsu bulldozer D60, D65 , D80, D85, D155 bulldozer series;

Komatsu excavator PC50MR-2, PC55MR-2, PC60-7, PC70, PC80, PC130-7, PC200-7, PC210-7, PC220-7, PC200-8, PC220-8, PC240-8, PC300-7 , PC360-7, PC400-7, PC450-7 excavator series;

Hill redevelopment machine excavators JCM series JCM906C, JCM907, JCM908, JCM913C, JCM916, JCM921C, JCM922C, JCM923, JCM924C, JCM927C, JCM933C, JCM936, JCM945, JCM950;

Hill redevelopment machine excavator GC series GC60, GC78, GC88, GC138, GC178, GC208, GC228, GC258, GC338, GC378, GC458, GC498 series excavator whole car accessories

Shantui excavator SE60 SE210 SE230 SE220 SE330 SE130 SE240 SE360 over various pure mechanical parts and corresponding supporting ripper, breakers, buckets and other special configuration;

Cummins engine assembly and parts torque converter, hydraulic transmission, steering clutch, final drive gears, rollers, roller, wheel, guide wheel, gear block, sharp teeth, knife angle, blade series product Weichai engine parts, Komatsu excavator pin, bushings, supporting wheels, guide wheels, tension device assembly and other vulnerable parts. Companies in the quality first, the principle of honorable service, sincerely look forward to your call advisory.

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