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Bei Si Si 37 degrees thin thermal underwear sets of thin models of women's winter round neck tight bottom Qiu Yi Qiu

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Winter 2015
  • Brand: Betty Si
  • Sleeve length: nine sleeves
  • Suitable for: youth
  • Fabric material composition: polyamide fiber (nylon) 55% cotton 45%
  • Color classification: flesh apricot dark gray dark purple light pink red dark blue brown black
  • Pants Length: trousers
  • Thickness: thin
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Ingredient Content: 41% (including) -60% (inclusive)
  • Weight: 180g and below
  • Fabric: fever fiber
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: one-piece
  • Ref: 8801
  • One Size - One Size - One Size - One Size Pants - One Size
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • function: to keep warm
  • Collar type: ordinary round neck
  • Number of layers: single
  • Whether to add cashmere: not add cashmere
  • Whether the patch: no patch

Bei Ti Si cicada 37 degrees thin thermal underwear suits, tops and pants are separated from the individual packaging

Not all of the ultra-thin underwear called 37°, the market a large number of counterfeit products, shop for the official flagship store Bei Si Si, please rest assured that the purchase, for your health, personal clothing, please choose the official authentic, caring for their own, caring family! Clothes and trousers weave a little bit different with the color, the sleeve is the eighth sleeve, purple Very few inventory T-shirt and pants because of the composition of different colors may exist a little difference, the factory Different batches of color may have a small Xu color, not the upper body of the Yiyi than the picture looked a little deeper please parents pay attention Oh, Thin thickness like silk stockings Mind carefully shot!

This thermal underwear store sales have been eight or nine years, and repeat customers have been an endless stream of good things will be shared with everyone. 37-degree thermal underwear is made of absorbent fiber heating, so it has a Light, thin, warm Characteristics, also known as Invisible warm clothing.

Need to remind the pro who is, this warm clothing is relative to its thickness in terms of warmth, warmth is certainly not as thick as the warm clothing plus velvet! Many pro-heating fiber fabric that will heat their own image Hot water bottle, it is wrong! Fibers can only make this thin section of the clothes have a certain warmth, like the skin, wearing the effect on the body is still very good

Proper washing method:

The first thermal underwear Do not dry clean , The best way is to hand wash, gently scrub, and then water drift net.Water temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃, the best control in about 30 ℃;

Can not be used with a whitening agent to wash soap or detergent, detergent should be appropriate, too much detergent will bring a burden on the fabric, thus affecting the texture of underwear;

Note that the detergent can not be directly on the thermal underwear, the detergent should be dissolved in warm water 30-40 ℃ until completely dissolved before the clothes;

Finally, after washing the warm underwear flat in a cool ventilated place drying, should not be in the hot sun exposure, it is recommended to use the net bag for drying, if you want to hang, please sleeves and hem also ride on the hanger, to prevent deformation.