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Men's and women's outdoor climbing ski soft shell crimping pants winter plus velvet thickening waterproof windproof

Men's and women's outdoor climbing ski soft shell crimping pants winter plus velvet thickening waterproof windproof
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: 1713
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Item No .: 3404 #
  • Time to market: Fall of 2016
  • made in China
  • Tag price: 460
  • Color classification: male black version 2.0 male dark gray version 2.0 male brown green version 2.0 male fans color version 2.0 male CP color version 2.0 female brown green version 2.0 female dark gray version 2.0 female rose red version 2.0 female black version 2.0 female CP color 2.0 Version of the female desert color version 2.0 female fans color version 2.0 male gray version 1.0 male army green version 1.0 male brown green version 1.0 male black version 1.0
  • Applicable to: couple
  • Fabric Technology: Other
  • Main features: waterproof and windproof UV breathable wear-resistant quick-drying dry other
  • Price range: 201-500 yuan
  • Material: Polyester
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Costumes: folds
  • Sports outdoor projects: picnic camping mountain climbing climbing beach skiing by car
  • Size: S (Activity 2 reduced by 30 yuan) M (Activity 2 reduced by 30 yuan) L (activity 2 by 30 yuan) XL (activities 2 by 30 yuan) 2XL (activities 2 by 30 yuan)
  • Product Series: Punch Pants
  • Season: Winter Spring Summer Season Four Seasons

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1, the national 包邮 (default delivery STO, rhyme, EMS random delivery, pro to specify which express the words when the note under the note Oh);

2, activities 2 by 30 yuan, 4 by 60 yuan, add shopping cart, photographed automatic price, and so on;

3, 15 days long no reason to return;

4, days cat flagship store genuine guarantee;

PS: Batch due to different pockets will be slightly different Oh!

How is a good pants born?

1) good pants fabric articles:

One hundred and seventy-three punch pants with three layers of composite fabric, the surface layer of 100D4 elastic cloth waterproof layer of breathable PU, the middle layer thickening cold fleece flannel, a lot of low-cost 100 yuan under the pants, although the introduction of three-layer composite fabric, but After we bought a number of sample testing, the actual use of low-end waterproof breathable film, and even some even the film is not, because the ordinary consumer surface is not visible, and the performance price is indeed very different, dozens of pieces Money is small, but no film was cheated into a film is not very good;

2) good fabric of the outdoor function articles:

This pants is a major feature of the wind and water waterproof anti-snow breathable warm and other multi-functional set in one, the surface of the waterproof stretch cloth with the middle of the waterproof breathable film, can be a good resistance to the cold wind, rain and snow, 80 meters are not through the cold wind Oh; and inside the thick cold fleece in the autumn and winter more warm;

3) good fabric comfort articles:

1713 Pops fabric with 9% of the spandex (ordinary punch pants only 5% spandex, or no spandex), so that the fabric has a strong stretch, so the style can not do so fat ugly, can also be very comfortable, because With high elasticity, in outdoor sports, squat squatting time will be very comfortable, there will be no sense of restraint;

4) good fabric of environmental protection articles:

Many bad businesses only for the purpose of making money, a lot of chemical ingredients with the goods sold to consumers, because the chemical composition of the product for a long time wearing, very harmful to health, we pay more attention to the health of each customer, Three companies in the silk capital - Suzhou. Shengze edge, has a unique geographical advantage, so from the fabric weaving - selection - dyeing - composite - late and other aspects of hand tracking, to the EU environmental labeling to be purchased;

5) good pants style articles:

In addition to other strong pants pants outside the outdoor function at the same time, we also pay attention to look, must be nice; compared to other brands of inflated pants bloated hypertrophy, style complex, can only wear in the outdoor travel, usually simply can not wear, But also can not wear a few times, very wasteful; seventy-three of the style of the pants for the Asian tailor-made, more simple fashion, not only outdoor travel can wear, usually go shopping can wear, wear N times a year , Very economical!

6) good pants of the production articles:

One of the seven garment factories, with 21 years of experience in garment production, nearly 500 employees, the original has been a large brand of garment processing production, product quality requirements are very strict, from the fabric test - plate - cutting - sewing - test - Ironing - packaging and other dozens to the process, each process are strict requirements, so the quality of workmanship, the pro can be a lot of rest assured;

7) Save time articles:

When the pro if you can see here, basically on our products is also enough to understand, Taobao hundreds of thousands of punch pants, pro did not so much time to see, maybe spend a few days, really from Taobao On the election to the top grade, perhaps a few dollars cheaper, but so much time worth it? Spend a short time, choose us, at least the value of the price, and will not regret, for four consecutive years Taobao Pioneer sales lead , 21 years soft shell jackets manufacturing experience, choose me, do not regret it!