Rotary piston vacuum pump Series H-150

Rotary piston vacuum pump Series H-150

Product description:

This pump is a spool valve seals mechanical vacuum pump for pumping a sealed container dry gas, if gas ballast device can also extract a small amount of condensable gases. It can be used alone, but also for other high vacuum pump foreline pump use, but is not suitable for the high oxygen, corrosion of ferrous metals, vacuum gas oil from a chemical reaction, does not apply to the gas pumping from one container to another container for transport pump. when in addition to containing water pumping, there is a lot of dust in the gas, dust removal device should be added .

Suitable for vacuum smelting, vacuum, vacuum drying, vacuum coating, vacuum impregnation, aerospace, aviation, electrical and other vacuum operation .

The main technical parameters
Extreme pressure 1Pa
Geometric pumping speed 150L / s
Inlet diameter 100mm
Exhaust caliber 80mm
Pump speed
450r / m
Equipped with power 15kw
Cooling water consumption 700kg / h
weight 680kg