Roots vacuum pump series ZJP1200A

Roots vacuum pump series ZJP1200A

Product description:

Use as a booster, but alone can not directly put the gas into the atmosphere to its forepump available or rotary vane vacuum pump, water ring, liquid ring vacuum pump.

Ultimate vacuum is relatively high, when using the two-stage rotary piston pump as the fore pump, ultimate vacuum up to 10-2 Pa. In a wide pressure range, there is a higher pumping speed .

ZJP pumps equipped with relief from the automatic protective effect can be started at atmospheric pressure, shorten the pumping time .

Pump rotor balancing rigorous analysis, smooth operation, low noise, using a reliable anti-backlash structure, it can work continuously for a long time at high pressure .

The main technical parameters
model ZJP-1200A
Extreme pressure5^10-2 Pa
Pumping rate 1200L / s
Inlet diameter 250mm
Exhaust caliber 200mm
The maximum permissible error
Pressure relief valve
Pump speed
2980r / min
Equipped with power 11kw
Recommended equipped with forepump ZJP600 / 2H-70B