Fashion Security polymer mobile power | mobile phone charging treasure | prime music fashion polymer mobile power

Fashion Security polymer mobile power | mobile phone charging treasure | prime music fashion polymer mobile power

Product description:

Brand: xinbo Applicable type: power backup LED lighting: Is
Batteries Type: Lithium-ion polymer batteries Power Capacity: 5000-10000mA

Integrity management quality assurance!

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You are still using heavy large bread / large purse / charging treasure? Do you still exist if you use the power of security issues to worry about it? Ultra-thin polymer save you the trouble! Safe mobile power, efficient fashion. Shiyao are you waiting?

(Product Name): fashionable thin polymer mobile power

(Capacity): 8000mAh (can be customized 4000-10000mA)

(Color): White, Yellow Green Pink Blue

(Product Features): Ultra-thin, intelligent protection phones, high-end

1. High quality: A product imported polymer batteries, superior quality;

2, the new style: Slim 146 * 70.5 * 9.9MM, high-grade appearance, fashion design;

3, multi-function: both backup batteries, but also convenient flashlight;

4, large capacity: 8000 large capacity, can meet multiple phone charging task.

Please do not take our products and the flea market to sell ten pieces 20 pieces of power to compare prices, known as 10000mA only 30 yuan more than 20, I can only say:! We can not make you pay for that kind of product ! cargo The Company solemn promise: our power, not virtual standard capacity; never use fake batteries; never use old batteries; we have only the conscience of the product we only safe products are welcome to take the kind of field test.!

Shenzhen Xin Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Bo Chang (0755-33291948 18682298401) is a research and development, production and sale of mobile phone charger, wireless charger, QI wireless charging receiver, a wireless charging Po, USB charger, car charger, mobile Power, as well as related accessories and other products of professional high-tech Company uphold the 'customer first, service is king; integrity management, quality assurance' business philosophy, adhere to the 'customer first' principle to provide our clients with quality services. Welcome!

Xin Bo Cheong digital -xinbo Main Product Description: (1) mobile phone charger, mobile power, wireless charging treasure

(2), QI wireless charger transmitters, QI wireless charging Receiver

(3), Samsung wireless charger, iphone4 / 4S, iphone5 / 5s wireless charger

(4), car charger, car wireless charger, USB car charger, universal.

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