Universal Wireless Charging Receiver | Domestic mobile phone universal wireless receiver

Universal Wireless Charging Receiver | Domestic mobile phone universal wireless receiver

Product description:

Brand: Xin Bo Model: xinbo-CW Input parameters: 5 (V)
Output parameters: 5 (V) Type: wireless charger Charge current: 700 (mA)
Battery Type: Other Indicator: No indication Interface: General Interface
Certification: CE FCC Compatible QI Color: Black Product Weight: 4g
Other: built-in receiver card stickers Product Specifications: 50 * 60 * 0.8mm

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QI standard wireless charger has come out, more and more people prefer to use a simple, fast, safe, no data wrapped wireless charger that place that is charged, to facilitate saving, pro, and so Shiyao it?

In order to let more people experience this advanced wireless charging charging technology, the company launched special universal wireless charging receiving patches, as long as your phone is Mike 5PIN Interface, just ten minutes, you can make your phone can also experience Wireless charging convenience.

xinbo-cw Qi wireless charging standard universal receiver card stickers made mobile phones universal

1, input voltage: DC5V1A;
2. Power: 5W
3. Charging Current: 650mA
4. Wireless receiving distance: 5mm
5. Product Size: 50 * 60 * 0.8mm
6. Product Weight: 4.0g
7. Wireless charging efficiency: ≥70%
8. Standard: Suitable for Qi standard
1. Built-in card affixed
2. For most of the domestic mobile phone

3. Fast Charge

QI partial list of phone models support wireless charging standard.

After installing the wireless receiver card attached, to be equipped with a QI standard wireless charging base can achieve wireless charging!

The company has a variety of wireless charger base to choose from! Necessary, relevant product list, go buy!

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