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QI wireless charger | Samsung Wireless Charging Receiver | Apple wireless receiver clip

QI wireless charger | Samsung Wireless Charging Receiver | Apple wireless receiver clip
  • QI wireless charger | Samsung Wireless Charging Receiver | Apple wireless receiver clip
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Brand: Xin Bo Model: C1 / C2 / C3 / C5 / C6 / C8 / S3 / S4 / S5 / Input parameters: 5 (V)
Output parameters: 5 (V) Type: wireless charger Charge current: 700 (mA)
Battery Type: Other Indicator: indicating function Interface: General Interface
Certification: FCC CE QI

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QI standard wireless charger has come out, more and more people prefer to use a simple, fast, safe, no data wrapped wireless charger that place that is charged, to facilitate saving, pro, and so Shiyao it?

QI standard wireless charging transmitter

1. Input voltage: 5V

2. transmit power: 5W

3. Output Current: 1A

4. Transmission distance: 10mm

5. Charge efficiency: 73%

6. Shape color: black, white optional

7. Working frequency: 100-150KHZ

Applicable Products : Apple, Samsung, Nokia and other mobile phone support QI wireless charging

Wireless charging transmitter Daquan

Samsung S3, S4, S5, note2, note3, mcor5pin universal wireless charging receiving the card attached; iphone series wireless charging receiving clip

1, input voltage: DC5V1A;
2. Power: 5W
3. Charging Current: 650mA
4. Wireless receiving distance: 5mm

5. Product Weight: 4.0g
6. Wireless charging efficiency: ≥70%
7. Standard: Suitable for Qi standard

1. Built-in card affixed
2. Suitable for Samsung, iphone, Nokai, and other models

3. Fast Charge

Samsung 9500 wireless charging receiver card-mount schematic!

QI wireless charging support phone models List

Wireless charging some common problems:

1, Q: equipment and wireless charger, there is only one direction angle can charge it?

A: Of course not wireless charging coil or a certain area of ​​the charging range, as long as the plane was in the center of the charging equipment, but the degree of deviation from the center of the wireless charger, regardless of any angle toward the head and tail can be charged simply, the phone is almost centered. The pick a place you can be charged!

2, Q: wireless charging will affect other wireless devices How safe is it??

Answer: No, the use of wireless charging is harmless low-frequency non-ionizing frequency (110-205Khz) and the vast majority of wireless devices are not on the same frequency at a distance of a few millimeters transmission 5W of energy to meet the common digital devices. charging, and to minimize the influence of the surrounding. QI placed on the non-magnetic body is not certified or interfere with its charge. Wireless charging a user touches the panel will not cause any electrical shock.

3, Q: How efficient wireless charging?

Answer: QI standard wireless charger has a 70% energy conversion rate of about charging more than wired with about 1/5 of the time but because it is charged at the debris of time, in fact, you will find that you do not have to wait (or less. less waiting) dedicated charging time. So virtually you are saving the charging time.

4, Q: frequent charging, whether to reduce my phone battery life?

Answer: No, at home and abroad under different conditions on the charge of the lithium battery cycle research indicates: In addition to over-charge this charging absolutely wrong way outside, the cycle life of lithium rechargeable little difference in other ways and a lot of research results show 'used with the charge / discharge light rechargeable light' and 'exhausted rechargeable / deep charge deep-discharge' compared to the former battery cycle life to be longer.

5, Q: wireless charging have nay significant advantage?

In the past, when you find the phone running out of power, you have to charge for it immediately Founding specifically in charge to you before that enough, you have to be patient and try not to use it during, how much you hate this scenario, it is .. how much I love this full advantage of wireless charging fragments of time to recharge the way because you do not need special equipment to make time to charge smart phones become readily available at any time and the charging process simple to 'pick up - drop' at you complete the charging case unconscious convenient time for the full utilization of the debris in: pick up the phone put down the phone VS = Power consumption = supplementary power.

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