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Google Nexus | Mobile wireless charging transmitter | Nokia wireless charger

Google Nexus | Mobile wireless charging transmitter | Nokia wireless charger
  • Google Nexus | Mobile wireless charging transmitter | Nokia wireless charger
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Brand: xinbo Model: xinbo-c6 Input parameters: 5 (V)
Output parameters: 5 (V) Type: wireless charger Charge current: 1000 (mA)
Battery Type: Other Indicator: indicating function Interface: General Interface
Certification: QI CE FCC Color: black, white Operating frequency: 100-150KHz
Transmission distance: 10mm Output power: 5W

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QI standard wireless charger has come out, more and more people prefer to use a simple, fast, safe, no data wrapped wireless charger that place that is charged, to facilitate saving, pro, and so Shiyao it?

QI standard wireless charging transmitter xinbo-c6 Google Nexus Wireless Charger

1. Input voltage: 5V

2. transmit power: 5W

3. Output Current: 5V 1A

4. Transmission distance: 10mm

5. Charge efficiency: 73%

6. Shape color: black, white optional

7. Programme: independent R & D

8. Operating frequency: 100-150KHZ

Applicable Products : Apple, Samsung, Nokia and other mobile phones support wireless charging

To enable the phone to normal use wireless charger, the phone must support our QI wireless charging capabilities.

1. Currently, the market mainstream brand models, have built-in receiver supports wireless charging: If Nokia Lumia92082010201520; Google Nexos457; HTC 8X, HTC 8XT; LG G2, LTE2 like; this type of model, can be placed directly in This charging on the base to charge the phone without having to plug wire!

2, secondly, the market some brand models, support QI wireless charging, have left the back cover wireless charging receiver mount contact, such as: Samsung S3, S4, S5, note2, note3 like; this type The machine, the company purchased the corresponding wireless charging receiver (sold separately) according to the procedure attached to the phone after the cover is then placed on this wireless charging cradle, you can charge.

3. Finally, there are the majority of Android phones on the market do not support QI wireless charging function, you just buy a case of the Secretary for the production of Andrews universal receiver, follow the steps to install in the back of the phone. Then place this wireless phone They can charge the phone on the charging plate.

4, of course, Apple's mobile phone if you want to implement wireless charging, also can buy the company, Apple wireless charging clip can be set on the phone.

Buy a receiver and associated wireless charging adapter please shoot this shop list of relevant products.

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iphone44s, iphone55S wireless charging Receiver

Andrews Universal Wireless Charging Receiver

The Andrews universal wireless charging receiving installation method.

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Wireless Charger for Mobile:

(Built-in receiver) Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 920, LG Nexus4 / 5, HTC 8X (US version), HTC DROID DNA (US version), Nexus 7/10 tablet (within the reserved radio reception contact) Samsung S3 / i9300 (need to add receiving coil), NOTE 2 / N7100 (need to add receiving coil), Samsung S4 / i9500 (need to add a receiving coil) (clip receiving) iPhone4 / iPhone4S / iPhone5 (need to add clip receiving)

Wireless charging brings advantages relative to the traditional charging

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