Power Distribution Cabinet\Switch Cabinet for Hydroelectric Power Plant

Power Distribution Cabinet\Switch Cabinet for Hydroelectric Power Plant

Product description:

Introduction of Switch Cabinet:
The Switch Cabinet is a kind of electrical equipment, outer line firstly enter the master control, switch inside the cabinet and then enter the sub-control switch. Each shunt are set according to their needs, such as instrument, automatic control, motor magnetic switch, all kinds of AC contactor, etc. . Some are equipped with high and low pressure chamber switch cabinet, high voltage bus in power plants etc. Some also have underfrequency load shedding to protect the main equipments.

Classification of Switch Cabinet:
According to the voltage level:
AC1000V and below is called low voltage switchgear (such as PGL, GGD, GCK, GBD, MNS etc) ; AC1000V and above is called high voltage switchgear (such as GG-1A, XGN15, KYN48 etc) and the 10kV voltage in the high voltage switchgear is called medium voltage switchgear (for example XGN15 style 10kV ring network cabinet) .
According to voltage waveform: AC switchgear; DC switchgear.
According to inner structure: Withdrawable switchgear (such as GCS, MNS etc) ; Fixed switchgear (such as GCK, GGD etc) .

According to application: Incoming cabinet; Outgoing cabinet; Measuring cabinet; Compensating cabinet (capacitor cabinet) ; Turn corner cabinet; Bus cabinet.

Low Voltage SwitchgearsHigh Voltage Switchgears
PGL type switchgearHXGN-12 ring network cabinet
GGD fixed type switchgearGG1A high voltage switchgear
MNS drawout type switchgearKYN1-12 metal armored withdrawable switch cabinet
GCS drawout type switchgearXGN2-12 box type fixed metal closed switch cabinet
GCK drawout type switchgearKYN28A-12 metal armored drawout type switch cabinet
GBD fixed separated type switchgearKYN61-40.5 metal armored drawout type switch cabinet