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High Efficiency Water Turbine\ Francis Turbine for Hydroelectric Power Plant

High Efficiency Water Turbine\ Francis Turbine for Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • High Efficiency Water Turbine\ Francis Turbine for Hydroelectric Power Plant
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Introduction of Francis turbine

Francis turbines can be designed for a wide range of heads and flows and are the most common water turbine in use today. The Francis turbine has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, low cost, high efficiency at full capacity (typically over 90%) , stable in running, applicable to a wide range of water heads.

The Francis turbine is a type of reaction turbine, a category of turbine in which the working fluid comes to the turbine under immense pressure and the energy is extracted by the turbine blades from the working fluid. A Francis turbine consists of the following main parts: Spiral Casing, Guide or Stay Vanes, Runner Blades, Draft tube, etc..

Application scope

Application scope of heads: 10m ~ 650m
Runner diameters: 1.0 m ~ 10.0m
Installable capacity: 200KW ~ 200000KW
Specific ratio speed: 50 ~ 300

We also providing different kinds of water turbine generator:

1. Francis Turbine

2. Pelton Turbine
3. Inclined-jet water turbine
4. Cross flow water turbine

5. Tubular water turbine

Company Introduction

Found in 1958, our factory in hydropower products has continuously been one of the national strategic turbine manufacturers in China since year 1995. It has now 246000 square meters ground area and 68000 square meters office building area. With over 500 workers and over 200 technicians and engineers, ADDNEW's invested factory is certificated by ISO9000-2000 and CE.

From the start of 2005 to the end of 2012, ADDNEW and our factory in Hunan, China have designed, manufactured and installed successfully over 170 small Hydroelectric Power Stations in Albania, Chili, Congo, India, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Zambia and other overseas markets. The equipments adopted for those hydropower stations are unit-capacity from 800KW to 100MW and the total power generating capacities of each station ranging from 1600KW-200MW. All the completed stations are now maintaining their peak performance after their installations.

Why Choose Us (Addnew)

1. We can provide the complete equipment, including: Water Turbine, Generators, Inlet Valve, Governor, Computer Control Panel, and other ancillary equipment.

2. Our production ability and quality of Francis Turbine runner ranked first in China among all the small and medium sized enterprises.

3. We have Microcomputer digital speed governor.

4. Our Low voltage (400V) Generator can be controlled by microcomputer monitor system. ( A key to boot, and a key off)

5. Our Microcomputer XCR Excitation Panel is automatic controlled and can monitor temperature, rotate speed, water level, electric current, and voltage automatically. If the Microcomputer XCR Excitation Panel broke down, you can Manual control backup, then, the machine can run normally before the Microcomputer XCR Excitation Panel repaired.

How to inquire our product?

1. please send us the detailed parameters of the HPP

A Water head- m

B Flow- m3/ s
C Installed capacity- KW
D Frequency- 50HZ or 60HZ
E Generator excitation- static SCR excitation or brushless excitation
Those parameters will decide which type of turbine and generator best satisfy your water condition.
2. Tell us your requirements of the water turbine generator unit.
A Does special material required for the equipments?
B Does the unit controlled manually or by computer?
C What should be quoted in the proposal?
Mechanical and Electrical part? Swithyard?

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