Vacuum Casting (RTV)

Vacuum Casting (RTV)

Product description:

Inthe RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) tooling process, liquid silicone rubberis poured around a master pattern. The master pattern/ mold usually originatesfrom Stereo Lithography as SL produces resin parts to a high degree of accuracywhich is capable of demonstrating mechanical fit and function. SL parts arefinished to a high standard to create tooling masters.

Theresulting mold is pulled/ cut from the pattern and cured, then subsequently usedto cast urethane parts. The key advantage of this process is being able toobtain higher quantities of prototypes at relatively low cost.

  • Functional prototypes and visual models with good detail and surface finishing

  • Cast urethanes ranging greatly in rigidity, temperature tolerance, color and texture

  • Can be used for low-run production in certain situations

  • Delivery of part (s) usually in 2 - 3 weeks