SE20L Power Pallet Truck

SE20L Power Pallet Truck

Product description:

Semi-Electric Pallet Truck SE series

• Heavy Duty Design

• Brake system:

lntegral electromagnetic disk brake mounted on motor shaft.
• Drive wheel:

complete gear train mounted on ball and roller bearing in oil bath housing. High-torque horizontally mounted motor has coppergraphite brushes for excellent lubrication.
• Load roller:

Tandem Polyurethane: Ф78*70mm.

Capacity (kg) 2000
Max. Fork Heighth2 (mm) 205 (or 195)
Min. Fork Heighth (mm) 85 (or 75)
Fork Overall Widthm (mm) 680
Travelling Speed (With Load) (km/ h) 5
Travelling Speed (Without Load) (km/ h) 6.5
Overall HeightH (mm) 1310
Overall WidthW (mm) 730
Dimensionn (mm) 360
h3 (mm) 620
Wa (mm) 13501500
Overall lengthL (mm) 16501800
Fork Lengthl (mm) 10001150
Load CentreC (mm) 600650
Load distanceX (mm) 795945
Wheel BaseY (mm) 12401390
Net Weight (without nattery) (kg) 248257
Drive Wheel, Ployurethane
Motor 1200W, Wheel Ø250*80mm
Battery (service free) (Ah/ V) 80/24
Battery Charger (A/ V) 80/24
Traction Battery (option) (Ah/ V) 165/24
Note: Specification and materials are subject to change without notice.