WT1529 Electric Stacker

WT1529 Electric Stacker

Product description:

• For sit-down operation.

Advanced Curtis control on traction.

Advanced SEM drive motor.

• Operator comfort.

Low effort steering wheel control.

Smooth lift / lowering operation via fingertip control lever.
Heavy duty mast with durable mesh guard for optimum visibility.
Automative style pedal lay-out.

• Performance with efficiency.

Curtis traction controller for energy efficient operation stepless progressive speed control, automatic release braking, regenerative braking and adjustable speed reduction when cornering.
SEM drive motor technology for high performance travel speeds and superior speed control.
The steering angle of 90° in each direction further enhances maneuverability. These specifications ensure improved safety clearances in confined spaced with high loading. Low noise, less pollution and energy saving, these features all satisfied with environment protection.
• Conforms to EN1757, EN1727.

Capacity (kg) 1500
Max.lifting heightH3 (mm) 2900
Min.terrain clearance (mm) 90
Overhead guard height (mm) 2020
Overall length (mm) 2120
Overall width (mm) 840
Overall heightH6 (mm) 2025
H4 (mm) 3546
Fork length (mm) 1150
Fork width (mm) 540
Single fork width (mm) 160
Front wheel (mm) Ø78*70
Balance wheel (mm) Ø150*75
Drive wheel (mm) Ø250*80
Min. turning radiusWa (mm) 1700
Storage battery (Ah/ V) 200/24
Weight of battery (kg) 162
MotorTraveling (KW/ V) 2.2/24
Lifting (KW/ V) 3.0/24
Traveling speed (Loaded/ Unloaded) (mm/ s) 1.64/1.95
Restoring speed (Loaded/ Unloaded) (mm/ s) 1.61/1.80
Lifting speed (Loaded/ Unloaded) (mm/ s) 96/135
Lowering speed (Loaded/ Unloaded) (mm/ s) 201/197
Net weight (kg) 1038