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Lei Xie leixe genuine Coke insulation kettle stainless steel insulation Cup vacuum insulation pot sports outdoor

Lei Xie leixe genuine Coke insulation kettle stainless steel insulation Cup vacuum insulation pot sports outdoor
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Leixe / Ray Scorpion
  • Item No .: 0011
  • Color classification: 500ML 700ML
  • Applicable to: adult
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Time to market: summer 2014
  • Whether there is insulation function: insulation
  • Insulation time: 24 hours
  • Whether it can be filled with boiling water: can be filled with boiling water
  • Product Series: Insulation Cup
  • Is there an anti-corrosion coating: do not have
  • Bottle: narrow mouth
  • Water way: straight drink
  • Size: 30.5X7.5
  • Weight: 0.5KG
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Tag price: 168
  • Sports outdoor projects: bicycles off-road travel by car on foot camping mountaineering tourism
  • Style: outdoors

Rayfish stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle with high efficiency insulation / cold function, the actual test A: the ambient temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the temperature from 95 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius, the average holding time of 16 hours B: the ambient temperature -2 degrees Celsius, the water temperature from 96 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius average time of 16 hours. (Note: normal oral temperature of 36.3 degrees Celsius -37.2 degrees Celsius)

Note: 500ML without a handle Oh ~ ~ ~

Bottle for the food grade 304 stainless steel, cap for the original PP material, Does not contain bisphenol A , The number is limited, want to purchase as soon as possible. The kettle all for environmentally friendly materials, products through ISO9000, United States FDA , CE , BPA FREE Wait Certification. Free goods, want to purchase as soon as possible.

mine Scorpion LEIXE

Vacuum insulation

Stainless steel water bottle

The previous sports kettle is basically made of plastic or aluminum.

Modern medical studies have shown that aluminum accumulates too much in the human body, can cause mental decline, memory loss and senile dementia.Therefore, people should try to reduce the use of aluminum tableware and cooking utensils, especially without any protective coating of aluminum.

LEIXE new stainless steel sports water bottle, to promote environmental protection, healthy drinking water concept, the use of high quality 18/8 medical grade stainless steel (ie 304 stainless steel), the bottle wall without any coating, does not contain any harmful chemicals and toxins. A preferred alternative to aluminum drinking water containers.


Baby description | PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

'Commodity brand': Lei scorpion LEIXE

'Commodity color': steel character
'Commodity material': food grade 18/8 stainless steel / food grade P P plastic
'Commodity capacity': 700ML 1000ML

'Product weight': about 0.5KG / (with packaging)

'Commodity size': 700ML 30.5X7.5 1000ML 32X8.5

'Commodity function': This product selection of food grade 18/8 stainless steel, the use of advanced non-tail vacuum process refined, with Efficient insulation, cold function , Insulation, cold for a long time, and safety and health, anti-erosion, long life, practical and strong.
kettle Small size, large capacity, strong sealing , Pots with anti-processing, safe and reliable, easy to clean.
This product is suitable for home, daily, leisure, tourism and outdoor sports and other uses.

Children with caution to prevent burns.

Note: 1, normal oral temperature of 36.3 ℃ ~ 37.2 ℃.
2, different capacity of the insulation kettle insulation effect is slightly different, the greater the capacity, the better the insulation effect.

Instructions for use:

1. Before use, please preheat with boiling water or cold water pre-cooling for 5-10 minutes, so that the insulation effect better insulation.

2. Do not overcame the water, so as not to tighten the lid, the hot water overflow burns.

3. After loading the hot drink, please slowly reference, so as not to cause burns.

It is not easy for a long time to contain yogurt, dairy products, fruit juice and carbonated drinks.

5. After drinking, please tighten the lid to ensure hygiene and safety.

Double - layer stainless steel vacuum insulation Coke bottle / vacuum insulation pot

Capacity: 700ML 1000ML

Material: inside and outside Double stainless steel (304, 18/8 stainless steel)


1: Stainless steel vacuum water bottle selection of food grade stainless steel refined, solid and durable, The use of lead-free electrolysis process (industry and the popularity of the majority of manufacturers are still using lead rods for electrolysis ), Anti-corrosion, safe and hygienic.

2This product is made of advanced non-tail vacuum process, with efficient insulation / cold function, tested A: the ambient temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the temperature from 95 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius, the average holding time of 16 hours B: At an ambient temperature of -2 degrees Celsius, the average temperature of the water temperature from 96 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius is 16 hours (Note: normal oral temperature is 36.3 degrees Celsius - 37.2 degrees Celsius)

3: This product is suitable for home, daily, leisure, tourism and sports and other uses.

4: Pot body can be 100% recycling, will not be environmentally friendly.

OUR sale of 304 food grade stainless steel materials produced, and 201 stainless steel material making pot shape is completely different, Ray Scorpion sold this pot of neck and bottle necking a large proportion, you must use the 304 to do , With all the rupture of 201 scrapped.

This section of the kettle insulation effect super, Europe and the United States the latest popular style, is the export of fine. Summer can also be filled into cold drinks, cold effect is very good.

Rayfish exclusive supply!

  • Do not drink directly to the cup (pot) mouth, there is the risk of scalding, it is recommended to pour into the cup or cup and other suitable temperature after drinking.

No tail vacuum versus There is a tail vacuum The difference

The traditional insulation cup is made of two layers of glass inside and outside, the middle pumping into a vacuum, to isolate the heat transfer, so the bottom of the cup has a suction tail tail, the exhaust tail is very easy to hit bad, so no tail vacuum Technology was born, no tail vacuum technology is a special process of welding glass mouth, so there is no pointed exhaust tail, to avoid the exhaust tail and damage the cup of gallbladder.

Currently on the market sales of stainless steel vacuum containers, due to the different technical means of vacuum, generally divided into: tube vacuum - a tail vacuum, the overall pumping - no tail vacuum two different technology products. 'Tail vacuum' The traditional process technology, 'no tail vacuum' is one of the most advanced technology at home and abroad, that is, in the vacuum under the conditions of the environment, by the computer control to complete the pumping, welding, cooling process. Production of stainless steel vacuum containers, has the following characteristics:

◆ high vacuum, long insulation time
Because it is in the vicinity of 1000 ℃ under the conditions of vacuum and sealing welding, this time the vacuum and the tail of the same vacuum, when the product back to room temperature, the vacuum will be much higher than the 'tail vacuum', so no The vacuuming effect of the tail vacuum vessel is higher than the QB / T2332-97 industry standard.

◆ effective capacity
Since there is no tail of the mouse tail, there is no need to set a 'hatching room', so the effective space is large. Compared with the product of the same appearance volume of 'tail vacuum', the 'no tail vacuum' product is valid Space is much larger.

◆ long service life
'The tail vacuum' is the use of 'sealing technology', this technical measures in the micro is not fully guaranteed to be closed. '' No tail vacuum 'is used' sealing technology ', this technology makes the high temperature melting solder And the exhaust hole sealing welding closed, so you can ensure long-term non-deflated air leakage.

The overall pumping - 'no tail vacuum' equipment is a large equipment, a high degree of automation, product quality level is high, so the cost is also expensive and management and use of complex technology, easy to master, single product power consumption is higher than ' The number of times, so the current domestic only a few companies to fully grasp and use this technology.However, due to the high level of technical characteristics, will become a stainless steel vacuum vessel production technology development direction and consumption of the pursuit of product technical conditions

Stainless steel vacuum cup quality identification:

Determine the quality of stainless steel vacuum cup (pot), there are two main criteria:

The first standard is the standard of insulation performance:
According to the light industry standard (QB / T2332) stainless steel vacuum cup (pot) the insulation performance of the standard; at room temperature 20 degrees under the conditions of the cup filled with 95 degrees above the boiling water, cover the lid after 6 hours, the capacity Less than 400ML cup water temperature of not less than 42 degrees, the capacity of more than 400ML cup water temperature of not less than 54 degrees.We can be in the test can enter the water, a few minutes after the cup body can not heat the middle.
The second standard is the use of materials standards:
The material of the vacuum cup is mainly stainless steel and plastic. Plastic cover and apron mainly rely on the nose to smell, can not have the smell of smell on the line. Mainly stainless steel material, requires acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, manganese, phosphorus, cadmium, aluminum (180Cr-8Ni) stainless steel will be able to meet this requirement.Currently the market has a considerable part of the cup, the use of 200 series of materials and even fake and shoddy 200 series of non-magnetic materials, posing as 304 # stainless steel, 200 The corrosion rate of the material is more than 100 times of the material of 304 #, especially the fake and shoddy 200 series material, the content of manganese and phosphorus is seriously exceeded, and it is very serious in human body during the process of corrosion into the water of the cup The harm.

Our main body of stainless steel products used in the current tableware supplies the most recommended high-quality materials, pure imports (304 # 18Cr-8Ni stainless steel sheet production.

health knowledge:

Plastic kettle can be divided into PP, PC material, common kettle, space cup, bottle more use of the PC, the use of the PC, the glass, the glass, the glass, the glass, the glass, the glass, the glass, It is easy to release toxic bisphenol A (BPA) in the presence of heat and sunlight, and BPA is particularly dangerous for babies. BPA has been listed in the banned chemical list in Europe and the United States. BPA FRee logo) can be used safely.
2, aluminum kettle made of high-purity aluminum stamping, coated with epoxy resin in the inner wall, modern medical research shows that aluminum accumulation in the human body too much can cause mental decline, memory loss and senile dementia.Therefore, Adolescents should minimize the use of aluminum utensils and cookware.
3, stainless steel kettle with high quality 18/8 medical grade stainless steel (ie 304 stainless steel), bottle thickness 0.4mm to 0.5mm, the bottle wall without any coating, does not contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Is the traditional plastic and aluminum drinking water The use of 201 stainless steel (containing nickel 3.5-5.5%), corrosion resistance than 304 stainless steel (containing nickel 8-10%) difference is very far, the price is only half.
4, stainless steel kettle and aluminum kettle weigh the same, the difference between the two methods is a stainless steel kettle has a stamping line, the second is the aluminum pot because the coating, a strong irritating taste, and not easy to wash The

People often think that 'stainless steel' is 'no rusty steel', if rusty, it must be fake and shoddy products. This understanding is of course too simple.

First stainless steel 'stainless', not absolutely not rust, but relatively under certain conditions do not rust. If the user is not used properly, it is used in its environment beyond the corrosion resistance of the environment or natural It will rust.
Some people say: This is very simple, with the magnet suck! Can not breathe is good, is 'stainless steel', sucking is bad, is 'iron iron'! At present this argument, the practice seems very popular, and even Science and technology publications, television programs have carried out this law.For this argument, practice, industry experts to give a negative, is not scientific and extremely wrong.
At present, the world has developed and applied five kinds of stainless steel, only austenitic stainless steel (many 300 series grades, 200 series grades) are often non-magnetic (after processing or weak magnetic), and ferritic stainless steel (many 400 series grades) , Duplex stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel with magnetic.

With or without magnetism, each stainless steel has its own characteristics and the scope of application.

For the 200 series of this magnet 'inexplicable' austenitic stainless steel to manganese, nickel, nickel than the corresponding 300 series steel to reduce costs and improve the strength, but because of its corrosion resistance, making its application areas Narrow, often those that require high strength, non-magnetic and corrosion resistance is not demanding areas such as springs, electronic equipment.
The so-called '200 series stainless steel' on the Chinese market is less resistant to corrosion and use, and these products are not produced in accordance with existing national standards, but are reduced in nickel according to their very stringent corporate standards , Chromium content, an increase of manganese content, some of which even lower than 1% nickel, chromium down to 10%, manganese increased to 14% or more, the point of blowing the test to stop the hole worse than the training Φ Tombs
From the corrosion resistance of these products can not even be called stainless steel, it can not be called 200 series of stainless steel in the current Chinese stainless steel market, it can be said that almost no real 200 series of stainless steel, the market called '200 series of stainless steel' Is the largest problem of steel, fake steel, but it is and 300 series of austenitic stainless steel, it is non-magnetic austenitic steel!
In the current Chinese market, there is a lot of money in the Chinese market, and there is a lot of money in the Chinese market. The 300-series austenitic stainless steel may even make this shoddy steel fake into a non-magnetic 300-series austenitic stainless steel for industrial use.
Through the use of magnet suction to identify the true and false stainless steel is clearly not good or bad