FY1224 Electric Stacker

FY1224 Electric Stacker

Product description:

Full Electric Stacker FY / FY`AC series

With DC or AC technology

• Double cylinder are mounted on both sides for wide view while loading and transporting.
• High-comfort tiller grip reduces fatigue, improving productivity.
• Heavy-duty design with top quality mast construction.
• Powerful drive and power unit made in Europe.
• Top quality electronic control system made in Europe.
• Conforms to EN1757-1: 2001, EN 1726.

Capacity (kg) 1200
Max. Fork Height (mm) 2450
Lowered Fork Height (mm) 90
Load Centre (mm) 600
Fork Length (mm) 1150
Fork Overall WidthM (mm) 540
Fork Individual WidthN (mm) 160
Motors Traveling (KW/ V) 1.2/24
Motors Lifting (KW/ V) 2.2/24
Travelling Speed With/ Without Load (km/ h) 4.0/5.5
Lifting Speed With/ Without Load (km/ h) 95/122
Lowering Speed With/ Without Load (km/ h) 110/60
Front Wheel (mm) Ø78*70
Rear Wheel (mm) Ø150*75
Driver Wheel (mm) Ø250*80
Battery (service free) (Ah/ V) 200/24
BatteryCharger (A/ V) 20/24
Option Traction Battery (Ah/ V) 240/24
Turning Radius (mm) 1560
Overall DimensionX (mm) 559
X2 (mm) 195
Y (mm) 1319
L2 (mm) 820
L (mm) 1970
Wa (mm) 575
h1 (mm) 1800
h4 (mm) 3094
Net Weight (kg) 730