FW1533 Electric Stacker

FW1533 Electric Stacker

Product description:

Electric Stacker With Straddle Leg FW/ FW`AC series

With DC or AC technology

• Heavy duty design with top quality mast construction.
• Straddle leg design suitable for two faces or low pallet.
• Powerful power pack with European technology.
• Drive unit with electromagnetic brake.
• Top quality electronic control system from Curtis.
• Conforms to EN1757-1, EN 1726.

Capacity (kg) 1500
Lifting Heighth3 (mm) 3300
Min. Fork Heighth (mm) 65
Load CentreC (mm) 500
Fork LengthI (mm) 1000
Motors Traveling (KW/ V) 1.2/24
Motors Lifting (KW/ V) 2.2/24
Service Free Battery
200Ah/ 24V
Battery Charger
20A/ 24V
Traction Battery (option)
240Ah/ 24V
Front Roller (mm) Polyurethane, Tandem Ø78x70mm
Rear Roller (mm) Polyurethane, Ø150x75mm
Drive Wheel (mm) Polyurethane, Ø250x80mm
Net Weight (kg) 910
DimensionS (mm) 38
X2 (mm) 200
Y (mm) 1283
L2 (mm) 792
L (mm) 1792
B1 (mm) 1197-1502
B2 (mm) 965-1270
A (mm) 230-790
N (mm) 100
h1 (mm) 2301
h3 (mm) 3300
h4 (mm) 4160
B (mm) 1080
Wa (mm) 1548