CPYD100 Rough Terrain Truck

CPYD100 Rough Terrain Truck

Product description:

Product name: Rough terrain forklift
Item: CPCY100
Product Details

1. The rough terrain lift truck is equipped with Deutz WP6G125E22 engine as a standard to ensure low operational noise and low emissions.

2. It features flexible and easy handling, due to its adoption of fully automatic hydro-mechanical transmission and fully hydraulic steering system.

3. The product has large hauling capacity, as well as improved safety and stability, thanks to its double-axle six-wheel drive system.

4. With articulated body design, the forklift comes with reduced turning radius.

5. This model is fitted with Glamour luxurious seat for extra comfort, and a joystick based on German ZF Technology.

6. The operating compartment can be tilted sideways, which makes sure the maintenance and repairing is easy.

Designed on the basis of combined technologies from China and Australia, the CPCY100 six-wheel drive lift truck can be used on various rugged surfaces, including soft soils, grass land, mine sites, and more. It can be equipped with many other optional attachments to extend its working capacity for heavy duty mining projects.