CPYD28 Rough Terrain Truck

CPYD28 Rough Terrain Truck

Product description:

Product name: Rough terrain forklift
Item: CPCY28


1. The CPCY28 four drive rough terrain lift truck has perfect ground clearance and special off-road tires.

2. Its front axle is equipped with four-wheel drive with an anti-skating device. The four driver rough terrain lift truck is characterized by the compact structure design between engine and gearbox, so it can operate on rough terrain, sand or mud basin.

3. Its front frame has no fork working device or front drive axle and there are no operating devices or rear drive axle on rear frame.

4. The four drive rough terrain lift truck has a steering cylinder between the rear and front frames.

5. Its rear frame has the power devices which are respectively connected to front and rear drive axle.

6. Using four-wheel drive, the four drive rough terrain lift truck can increase its forklift power for effective material loading, unloading and transporting and so on. It has sound traffic ability, larger traction force and so on. Since there is not need for the front drive axle with steering device, the machine can use the same drive axle with the rear drive axle to lower the cost.