Mini Pak --Mini 200

Mini Pak --Mini 200

Product description:

Product name: Mini Pak
Item: 004
Product Features:

*Smart: With intellectualized control board inside, temperature and air inflation speed adjustable according to customer's need, therefore work out air cushion bubbles in different degree of inflation.

*Efficient: Simple operation, using fast, buffer air cushion can be completed in a shout time, maximum produce 50pcs air cushion bag per minute.

*Protable: Light weitht , small size, mini design, save storage space; can be used in any environment including workshop, office, outdoor.

*Green: It does not produce any waste material, no additional maintenance cost, and environment friendly.

*Flexible: It can produce air cushion bubbles in various sizes to suit different packages and containers.

Advantages of Air Cushion Protection
Product Protection

Provide lasting protection to product, excellent performance of compression resistance and piercing resistance.

Space Saving

Different from EPE and other traditional packaging materials occupying large space, Air Care film roll has minimum dimension before inflation, saving maximum storage space.

Versatile &Flexible

Various size and shapes, adapt to different packaging environment, different product form. Design with semi-cutting line, easy to tear in customer's needed length.

Clean & Fresh

Transparent and clean, no dust, no package debris, no thick mold need to dispose. Greatly satisfy the customers

Cost down

Greatly save freight cost, its weight almost can be ignored after inflation and filling into product packaging

Convenient Use

Made by desk-top type air cushion machine, mini production system, portable design, workable in workshop or office, Just In Time manufacturing, stock free.

Environment Friendly

Air Care Cushion Bag shrinks to 1% size after deflation. The remained film is easily recycled. We successfully developed biodegradable film, GreenHome.

Brand Improvement

Based on a reasonable M. O. Q, we can provide you air cushion bubbles/ films with your company logo or brand message to help enhance your brand image.