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  • DVR-189
  • DVR-189
  • DVR-189
  • DVR-189
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Ultimate noise reduction, Clear feeling
-VOX bluetooth recorder 189

Functional specifications

•A key noise reduction, high-fidelity recording
•Mobile phone bluetooth audio, answering, and back to

Take the lead to achieve the wireless phone recording, bluetooth can be used for mobile phone hands-free calls.

•Built-in high-power speaker
•A key recording, a key playing
•Support the TF card extension
•Four types of recording

Long recording, standard, high quality recording, high fidelity.

•Time to make an appointment the recording

This machine can automatic recording at the preset time.

•Audio recording, 0-31 can be adjustable sensitivity

Open audio recordings can save storage space and power, so as to prolong the recording time.

•External microphone recording
•Telephone recording
•Supporting 24 languages

As many as 24 languages menu operation, default to display in Chinese, operation more simple.

•Password protection

Advanced confidential function can prevent important information browsing, also can be used as a usb stick with confidentiality function to use.

The recording folder Settings

A, B, C three folders classification management recording file, To find the files more convenient.

•Time setting
•The recording automatic segmentation
•MP3 music appreciation

product standards

size: 100mm*30mm*16mm

weight: 68g/ 38g (Optional)

Power supply: polymer battery 3.7 V 380 mah, Ordinary recording about 17 hours

Memory capacity: 2GB~8GB

TF card capacity: 128MB~8GB

Recording rate: LP 32Kbps/ SP 64Kbps/ HQ 128Kbps/ SHQ 192Kbps

2GB of the recording time: LP about 140 hours / SPabout 70 hours/ HQ about 35hours/ SHQ about 23 hours

4GB of the recording time: LP about 283 hours/ SP about 141 hours/ HQ about 70 hours/ SHQ about 47 hours

8GB of the recording time: LP about 555 hours/ SP about 277 hours/ HQ about 138 hours/ SHQ about 92 hours

support system: Windows2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7

Music Format: MP3 WMA